Feedback from Mrs. Shakhnoza Yakubova


Feedback from Shakhnoza Yakubova who has participated at Mr. Hlebarov seminar in St. Peterburg and who will come again for Tallinn seminar-training.

“I was one of happiest participants of Antoan seminar. Full of joy and knowledge, competence and intelligence Antoan demonstrated handling as art. Smart tricks and free management of dogs were impressive.

Now i am free of idea that dogs cannot be presented without treat and food and more flexible in ring. There are plenty of possibilities to handle dogs very pretty on the ring without making hands dirty and showing chewing dog.

Anton pays a lot of attention to owners/handlers teaching them not to break dog mind and temperament and be careful with wrong handling like keeping dogs tails and necks and placing them on table in ring in front of judge.

At the same time Anton spent his time with every participant and his/her dog till good result. He was not scare to look funny showing thousand times the same elements and did everything that non of us would miss any piece of this Art.

There were a lot of interesting moments during seminar what i would love to repeat again. Unfortunately i was without my own dog but i am happy that i will have one more possibility to take part on his seminar together with my puppy. It is just a great opportunity to join such wonderful part of our life with dogs like handling and know our dogs better and better.”